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Children’s Washable Bedtime Pants (1500)

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Style: 1500Children’s Washable Bedtime Pants (1500)

Child's Washable Bedtime Pant With Built In Free Floating Pad, Waterproof Liner and 3 FREE Disposable Pads

  • Machine Washable up to 40 degrees (not the disposable pads)
  • Holds Approximately 500mls (boosted to 750mls with 1 disposable pad)  
  • Fully Reuseable Bedtime Pant
  • Can be washed upto 250+ times
  • Super Absorbent Pad and Waterproof Liner
  •  The Child's Bedtime pant has been designed for night time use. It has a free floating super absorbent pad which holds approx 500mls and when a disposable is used in conjunction with the pad already built in this then boosts it to approx 750mls. It has a waterproof liner through the pant helping in keeping the user dry and the bedding also. Comes with 3 FREE disposable pads which are also available to buy in packs of 56 from ourselves, please click here to buy. Made from 100% Cotton and with an elasticated waistband giving the user a feeling of comfort and security. The disposable pads that come with the Bedtime pant must be removed at the washing stage. They are NOT washable 


    P&S Underwear is just like wearing regular underwear but giving you that added extra protection that our incontinence underwear provides 

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    Children’s Washable Bedtime Pants (1500)

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