Washable Pads - Pyramid Pack - 3 Pack (PS800)

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Washable Pads - Pyramid Pack - 3 Pack (PS800)

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Style: PS800Washable Pads - Pyramid Pack - 3 Pack (PS800)

The Absorbent Pyramid Pack (3 pack):

  • Hold approximately 180mls of fluid
  • Can be machine washed upto 90 degrees 
  • Can be dried in a tumble dryer
  • Rapid Absorbtion with a waterproof back to protect the wearer
  • Available in White

The Pyramind pack is designed for those who would like to wear their own personal underwear whilst being able to have the absorbency that P&S Healthcare pads provide. It has a highly absorbent core with a waterproof back that prevents and fluiding passing through the pad. The pad is cone shaped, has a non-adhesive backing so that the pad can be placed in a position that suits the wearer best

Comes in a pack of 3. Machine washable and can be tumble dried 


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Washable Pads - Pyramid Pack - 3 Pack (PS800)

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