The Protect Monthlies

 New Release for August 2019

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How Do Protect Monthlies Work?

At first glance, Protect Monthlies have the appearance of many modern pants available on the market today. With its high cut leg, elasticated waistband and leg it gives a modern and contemporary look to the garment. The difference however lies in the gusset.

A three-layer system of protection that works to absorb menstruate and prevent leakage. The gusset is made up of:

Absorbalon Microfiber Wicking Layer

The top layer works to draw menstruate away and into the gusset, ensuring a dry feel for the user.


Super Absorbent Padding Layer

The second layer works to quickly absorb the menstruate, preventing leakage. Although thin, this layer can retain up to 30 - 50mls of fluid. Far superior to the maximum absorbency of a tampon


Waterproof Protective Layer

The final layer ensures that no menstruate can leak from the gusset due to the waterproof liner through the central panel of the brief.

These three layers are combined into a compact and discreet layer that’s not only comfortable but leakproof.


Why choose Protect Monthlies over Traditional Sanitary Products?

The average woman will use 16,000 tampons or pads in her life time, resulting in around 7 billion tampons and pads ending up on landfill each year Most contain chemicals and synthetic materials such as plastics. As we are all aware these plastics not only take along to breakdown but also leak into nature.

These micro plastics are then polluting our rivers, lakes and oceans contributing to the destruction of the natural world and its ecosystems.


Using Protect Monthlies will not only reduce plastic waster and subsequent pollution but also save you significant amounts of money year on year. We guarantee a minimum of 250 washes per pant, making them a far superior product over time than disposables.

Furthermore, Protect Monthlies offer a level of protection and comfort that disposable products cannot. With a fluid holding capacity of 30-50mls and the added protection of the waterproof lining you can go to bed knowing that your sheets are protected and whilst worn in the day that your clothes are too

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