P&S Healthcare bring to you a 3 layer face mask complete with a new ViralOff fabric centre with polygiene technology. Consisting of an outer layer of 100% interlock cotton. The Inner layer is a white polycotton, inbetween both of these is the ViralOff fabric. This fabric is treated with the latest polygiene technology completing the 3 layers of this mask. Along with soft elasticated ear hooks and a wired nose bridge to help hold the mask securely in place. 

The P&S ViralOff Face Mask is available in Black and White

Washable and reusable - Washing over time will reduce the polygiene but because the face mask is treated with polygiene you will not need to wash as regularly as a standard cotton mask

To determine which size you will require we have provided you below with measuremnts. To measure these you have 2 measurements. The first is the Nose to Chin (N-C) measurement which is taken from the bridge of the nose to under the chin. The second is the Full Width (W) which is from cheek to cheek

Child - Nose to Chin: 11cm and Width: 19cm

Youth/Small Adult - Nose to Chin: 14cm and Width: 20cm

Adult - Nose to Chin: 16cm and Width: 26cm 

This price is for a single face mask. For a 3 pack click here, for a 5 pack click here and for a 10 pack cick here

This face mask does not guarantee immunity against COVID-19 as this can also be contracted through other methods but may help reduce viral transmission and viral load on the mask

The best way to protect against the spread of Covid-19 is to ensure you wash your hands 

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